The Forest Farmers

Janine Raabe and Paul Muller are part of the initial founding group of the project and have developed and implemented the food forest together with the Den Food Bosch foundation, students and many inspired people.

Now, they are managing, further developing and guiding the land towards a truly ecological farming system. As The Forest Farmers they care for this very project but also offer design, development and implementation work for other forest farming ecosystem projects.

Paul Müller
Janine Raabe

“I am doing this to show people what is possible if we work together with Nature. What I have discovered so far is eye opening! Agriculture can be a source of regeneration, for both the people and the planet. My approach: Let’s plant more trees!”

Paul Müller

The students and volunteers

On a regular base, people from all ages and backgrounds, come to work at the food forest, either for just some days or for an internship of several months. These people have in common that they envision a new form of agriculture and want to learn more by putting their feet on the ground and their hands in the soil.

Daniel & Anne

"As a food forest farmer I can help make this world a more abundant place, by caring for the planet and people at the same time. Functioning farm ecosystems play an important role in restoring ecosystem health and increasing biodiversity, the great treasure of life."

Janine Raabe

The board

The board of the foundation consists of members of the founding group and is overseeing the long term development of the project and giving the legal framework for the food forest.

Jonas Steinfeld
Malika Cieremans
Koert van Bemmel